Welcome to OUR PLACE...the OneVoice Community "Groupsite."  This is where ONEVOICE (OV) MEMBERS come to interact, share thoughts, and gather the latest ministry updates. This is also where VISITORS drop in for a "sneek-peek" into a day in the life of this Dynamic and Culturally Diverse Ministry of Song and Service!!! Whether Member or Visitor, please relax and stay a while...there's a lot to explore!

As you browse, you will discover that OneVoice is both personally and ministerially enriching. Among the many features you'll find below is a calendar of exciting events; intriguing slide-shows and videos of recent engagements; lively discussion forums; heart-felt prayer requests; joyous praise reports; and much more. 

While exploring please keep in mind that this site is designed specifically for OV Members; therefore, Visitors may access only the front page...but Visitors don't have to stop there! If you are a Visitor, you're just a few "clicks" away from converting from OV Visitor to OV MemberYes, our enrollment is open to the community...and all Visitors may request Membership, or even a Partnership with OneVoice Ministry!

You may start the enrollment process by simply scrolling down this page to the segment entitled "BECOME A ONEVOICE MEMBER/PARTNER;" you will find an email link directly to OneVoice Founder Trish Hodge-Washington. Read the instructions for the content of your email; click on the link; and you're on your way! 

Whether MEMBERSHIP, PARTNERSHIP, or pure CURIOSITY, we truly appreciate your interest in OneVoice!  To learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we were formed, check below for "A WORD FROM OUR FOUNDER" (A ONEVOICE OVERVIEW). 

We're glad you're here...and we hope you enjoy your stay! Now, scroll down and take a "peek" into this diverse "faith-community" of song and service called ONEVOICE!



(This area will display upcoming events as they approach on the calendar)



If you are interested in working with us to advance the OneVoice Mission, you may do so in two ways: through MEMBERSHIP and/or PARTNERSHIP (and they are not mutually exclusive).

  • MEMBERSHIP... OneVoice Members are a diverse group of ordinary people who come together on "common-ground" to accomplish an extraordinary work of ministry. While each member brings a unique offering of talents and gifts to the ministry, they also receive much in return, including new relationships, spiritual support, and creative enrichment. A decision to join OneVoice is a decsion to connect with a community of Believers for whom the OV Mission has become quite personal. I can assure you that becoming a part of this Community or Praise will prove to be one of the most personally rewarding and spiritually uplifting experiences of your life journey!

  • PARTNERSHIP...OneVoice Partners are churches/religious organizations; civic organizations; local retailers, charitable agencies, and community leaders, who--by the very nature of their service, ministry, and/or business activities--are in a position to help "extend the reach" of the OneVoice Community. These entities offer their resources, facilities, and in some cases funding to promote our mission and support our initiatives. Through the blessings of these individuals and organizations, we are able to expand our efforts into and beyond the local community to impact the lives of those we seek to serve.

If you have further questions about OneVoice Community Outreach Choir or you are interested in becoming a MEMBER or PARTNER, please call (214)412-5557; or send an email to trishconnection@gmail.com (for the quickest response possible, type "OneVoice" in the subject line). Your email must include your contact information (name, phone#, and email) so that we may follow-up with you as soon as possible.


It is no small deal that you would take a moment out of your busy day to explore this ministry called "OneVoice." Your interest in what we do truly matters to us!  I am Trish Hodge-Washington, the Founder of OneVoice Community Outreach Choir; and this site is what I like to call our "OneVoice Family Home." It's HOME because it is where we pop in to hear (read) the latest ministry developments; collect the latest prayer requests; and rejoice over the praise reports! This is where we gather to share in conversations about our most recent events and pat fellow OV Members on the back for a job well done! Yes, OneVoice is a FAMILY indeed...but not just a family...we are a team of willing workers who aspire to make changes in our community for the cause of Christ!  Please continue reading as I share a few details about who we are; what we do; and how God "formed" this awesome vessel of UNITY! 


OneVoice (OV) is a racially and culturally diverse community of Believers whose collective purpose is to extend Godly love beyond "societal barriers." Clearly, these barriers are stereotypes, misconceptions, and wrong perceptions that daily divide our country, and have long divided the Body of Christ. If UNITY is the answer, OneVoice is responding to the call.

So, how was this Daring Body of Diversity formed?

It all started in May 2006, when Dr. Toby Snowden, pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church (Cedar Hill, TX), asked that I form a choir between two distinctly different congregations: his own church, a predominantly Caucasian membership; and The Fellowship Church at High Pointe, an intentionally African-American congregation, which he planted and nurtured within his church building.  Dr. Snowden became familiar with my music ministry 17 months earlier when I accepted a position as interim music minister at his new church-plant.  With his request for ONE choir between the two congregations, I realized that Dr. Snowden and I shared a common "proactive" vision for UNITY beyond distinctions in the Body of Christ!  Through the urging and support of a very dear friend, Tom Walter (High Pointe's then-interim music minister), one month later--in June 2006--OneVoice was born!

This endeavor was based in what I term a "common-ground concept," as the intent was to bring two culturally different churches together through a common interest: SONG and WORSHIP!  Our objective was simple: To BRIDGE and BUILD...bridge the apparent cultural gap, and build relationships between the members of each church. With a clear objective, the OV Founding Principle was easily established in a phrase Dr. Snowden often quoted in his pursuit and promotion of multi-cultural worship: "Diversity without Division."

We succeeded in our efforts to bring the two churches together in one ministry of music: cultural gaps were filled and new relationships were formed (personal friendships and prayer partnerships).  Our debut concert, held July 16, 2006 at the High Pointe Baptist Church, was a huge success!  With that result, we knew OneVoice was something quite special; however, after the overwhelming response to our debut performance it was clear that our MESSAGE of "Diversity without Division" had to become our MISSION "beyond the walls."  Accordingly, in August 2007, we opened our enrollment to the community at large; added a "community service" and outreach component; and changed the name from the "OneVoice Choir" to the "OneVoice Community Outreach Choir."

As a community ministry, this transformation required that OneVoice be established as a subsidiary of Making the ChristConnection Ministries, a multi-faceted entity I founded 10 year prior. ChristConnection is driven by three core values: Evangelism, Empowerment, and Unity. (Additional information on ChristConnection is available upon request. See the email link below).

OneVoice's ministerial mandate is specifically aligned with ChristConnection's foundational scripture:                

I Corinthians 9:22b..."I become all things to all men (unity) so that by all means (empowerment) I might save some (evangelism)."

The practical manifestation of that mandate is clearly expressed in the OneVoice Mission Statement:

To build relationships -- both internally and externally -- that reach beyond our individual distinctions (cultural, racial, denominational, generational, etc.) to promote unity within the Body of Christ as we minister God's Love through song, and demonstrate that same love in charitable service.

The OneVoice Mission is realized through our community involvement, as well as many of our own initiatives. As for community involvement, you may find us among the entertainment line-up at a community-wide event, or featured at a special church function. Our OneVoice Initiatives range from monthly nursing home visits (including adoption of individual residents) to seasonal productions (i.e. annual Christmas concert, commemorative productions). We also produce fundraising events to benefit various youth programs, including OneVoice 2nd Generation, 2nd Wind Mentoring Project, CrossConnection Academic Enrichment Program (all subsidiaries of ChristConnection Ministries).  We develop partnerships with local churches and independent ministries to promote their objectives and support their missions projects, which in turn extends our reach in the community.  Whatever we do, we strive to make sure every opportunity reflects the OneVoice Mission; and by the grace of God, therein lies the capacity of our ministry to accomplish our ultimate goal: Winning lost souls to Christ!

As you continue exploring our Groupsite, I hope your introduction to OneVoice is both enjoyable and inspiring...and I pray you are lead to become a part of our OV Family.  The only thing more exciting than adding new Members and Partners to our OneVoice Community, is bringing lost souls to Salvation! With that said, I look forward to working alongside you to advance the Kingdom of God on earth in the Spirit of Unity through ONE-Voice!

God Bless!
Trish Hodge-Washington
Founder & Executive Director, OneVoice Community Outreach Choir


You've come to OUR PLACE today...so let us come to YOUR PLACE tomorrow...or soon! Whether SPECIAL EVENT or OUTREACH PROJECT, OneVoice would be honored to participate in your next endeavor! 

OneVoice is an "all-occasion" choir, providing music for everything, from sacred religious cermonies to outdoor rallies; formal occasions to personal celebrations, such as weddings, birthday and anniversary gatherings.  Whether distributing blankets at a homeless shelther, stocking shelves at a local food bank, or exchanging precious memories with nursing home residents, OneVoice is ready to lend a hand...and a heart! 

To inquire, please forward all contact information (your name, phone#, email) and event details (event/project date, time, venue, and a summary of the occasion) to OV Administrator Phyllis Elam at phylliselam@christconnectionministries.com. Prayerfully, we'll see you soon...at YOUR PLACE!


Hey OneVoice Family! Welcome to our OneVoice Groupsite (powered by Collective X)...a centralized location for a virtual "OV Gathering" ... and you don't have to leave home! Our "groupsite" is a private, safe and comfortable environment where we will enjoy special features and comprehensive tools customized specifically to enhance the efficiency of our communication, while meeting many of our administrative requirements within the OneVoice Ministry. 

As a multi-functional site, we are able to accomplish several tasks in ONE place, such as post calendar updates; notify members of changes; send out event/rehearsal reminders; request RSVP for particular events;  initiate and reply to discussion forums; send email blasts; build strong working relationships through networking and so much more!  You may also access more sensitive items, including rehearsal recordings, lyric/music sheets, group files; discussion forums; and ministry contacts and individual objectives. In short, the possibilities are endless!

With all the site has to offer, the most important feature is the privacy and confidentiality the site provides. With this in mind, it is important to know that the OneVoice Groupsite is for MEMBERS ONLY...PUBLIC ACCESS DENIED! This simply means no one may access the groupsite without permission or an invitation.  Because public access is absolutely prohibited, you can be certain that ALL content -- including information you may choose to post in your personal profile -- is viewed only by OV Family Members.  Just as we are protective of our group information and documents, we are also protective of our members' privacy. Therefore, please know that anyone found abusing the information provided on the groupsite will be immediately dismissed from the ministry. I encourage ALL members to report any suspicious activity and/or concerns.

This is the place OneVoice...ALL you need to know about the latest OV ministry developments, information, and opportunities...and it is just a click away! So, please take a moment to browse your new groupsite...it's YOUR connection to YOUR ministry...OneVoice!

Trish Hodge-Washington

OneVoice Founder & Executive Director


"Just Like You"...Keb Mo

Wess Morgan "I Choose To Worship"


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Let's congratulate Remonia Arrandando (Alto) the winner of the "JUST SAY 'K'" Challenge. Ramonia won an In & Out Burgers Gift Card for the fastest response to the text message that was sent out for the January 27th OV Rehearsal (gift card was given Friday, Feb 3rd, at the close of rehearsal). Keep you text replies sharp and on time...you never know when the CHALLENGE is in effect...

(A very special thanks to OV Communications Coordinator Glendia Wright who not only created the contest, but generously sponsored the prize).



This is a great video presentation of the Best Southwest Juneteenth Celebration (June 18, 2011). Take a look ... and remember the good times! Click on the link below...







Need a "pick-me-up?" OR just a little something to tickle your "funny bone?" Well, above we have a new OV FUN FEATURE entitled "A REASON TO SMILE...OR LAUGH?"  This is our chance to share the funny stuff we come across on the internet. There's no catch, no competition, and no prize...just an opportunity to share what makes you smile or laugh. The only requirement is the video(s) you suggest may NOT contain profanity nor vulgarity of any kind.  Email the link to your submissions to trishconnection@gmail.com ... in the subject line, enter "OV Smile." Your video must have an "embed code" that will allow viewing from the groupsite.

I'm getting things started with the most adorable video (above), which I call "My First Catch Ever"...you are going to love it! But wait...there's more: "Curious Cat" and "Surprise Landing!" It's 3-for-1! Click on the video's "play arrow" to watch; then click here to share your thoughts...


The 1st Annual OV-BYOB Pajama Potluck (2010) was the



Click here to share your fun! 

Click here to check out the pics

(incriminating pics!)



Remember, the greatest benefit of membership comes from knowing the latest benefit of membership! You play a VITAL ROLE in the progress of OV! Remember TO DO the following:

  • POST YOUR BIRTHDAYS ASAP! Instructions as follows:


    1. Click "Calendar" in the tabs at the top of the page...the current month's calendar will appear;
    2. Click the down arrow to right of current month heading, which will show drop down list of months...click on the month of your birth...then click on the "+" (plus sign) on the date of your birth; 
    3. In the "Event" box enter "[name]'s Birthday" (for example "Trish's Birthday"); 
    4. Check box for "ALL DAY;"
    5. make it a "YEARLY" recurring event;
    6. In "DETAILS" area (large space above the "SUBMIT" button), type your "Favorite things to do.." and "Your favorite color."


"In all things give thanks..."

(I Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Remember to THANK God for His faithfulness in the following PRAISE REPORTS:

  • God's answer to prayer in the growth of OneVoice with the new additions. 
  • Sharon Dupree's positive medical report!!!
  • God's urging of Annette to get her brother from Arkansas and to recognize his need for medical help.  Because of her listening to God's nudge, he is now getting the help he needs.




You may remember the days of the jukebox when you could hear the song of your choice for a small fee...even create your own playlist of favorite tunes by dropping a few more coins into the slot. Well, folks will have a chance to re-live those days! Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011, we will host our first OV's "70's Live Jukebox Jam," an interactive "throwback" concert experience!

My objective with the "Jukebox Live" concept was to redefine the concert experience by placing control in the hands and hearts of the audience! It's true...they will literally determine their musical experience according to their listening pleasure!

The Jukebox Live concert will feature songs by many of the greatest Gospel artist of the 70's (and a few from the 60's)---both Gospel and Soul. Our Gospel feature will include Andre Crouch, Walter Hawkins, The Gaithers, James Cleveland, Mahalia Jackson, and the Oak Ridge Boys. The Soul segment of the concert will feature Motown Classics, including songs by artists like the Jackson 5, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Four Tops, Ohio Players, Drifters, and others.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Live Jukebox Jam" is not only about your listening pleasure...it is also a fundraiser for an OV sister organization, "2nd Wind Mentoring Project." Therefore, through your participation, you are supporting a very worthy cause. Again, more details will be provided in the near future.

If you have questions and/or concerns, please call me at (214)412-5557.

God bless!



The date is approaching quickly...

3rd Annual OneVoice Uptown Praise...

"9-11...Don't Forget To Remember..."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Click here for details


Efficient communication of updates and/or changes to our OV rehearsals and events is vital to the success of our ministerial efforts. Therefore, to ensure easy-access to these updates, we are providing this "front-page, color-coded" module that delivers concise information in the 3 categories where changes and additions usually occur: Calendar, Event, Venue CANCELLATIONS are noted in BLUE. For more detailed information , click on the links provided per entry. If you have further questions, leave a message on our OV Voice Message Center at (972)228-2812..

Event Review...

Wow!!! What an incredible night!  The "70's Classic LIVE Jukebox Jam!" Summer 2012 (Fri., June 29, 2012) is getting rave reviews---from the audience to the Cedar Hill Parks & Rec Administrators who believed enough in OV to extend the invitation---OneVoice quite an impact! To OneVoice an EXTENDED OV Family Members, you did it again...by the grace of God! CLICK HERE or below in "FEATURED DISCUSSIONS" to read more...



OV Leaders, remember TO DO the following:

  • Follow-up with members of your choral section (Soprano, Alto, Tenor) who were absent from rehearsal. Report results to the OV Message Center 972-228-2812, optoin #2, and/or via email to twrine@aol.com.

ARCHIVE..."Anticipation: From the Cross to the Crown!"

Imagine hearing a first-hand account of the miracles Jesus performed during His earthly ministry...then place yourself at the foot of the Cross where you witness His crucifixion, death, and burial! But was it over?

In this sequel to our Christmas cantata, Level Ground and OneVoice Community presents the Resurrection story, "Anticipation: From the Cross to the Crown!" This original, multi-dimensional presentation of song, dance, drama, and narration will take you on a journey beyond the traditional telling of the Jesus' miraculous ministry on earth. You'll be on the edge of your seats following every detail of each blessed encounter...crying, then laughing; singing, then dancing...you won't be able to keep your seat!

Don't miss this unique presentation of the Resurrection Story featuring performances by "OneVoice: 2nd Generation" Community Youth Choir, and members of the "2nd Wind Mentoring Project."

GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY...and prepare for your journey...from the CROSS to the CROWN!
Click here to purchase tickets:
or call (214)412-5557


So how will your ticket purchase help a child?

ALL PROCEEDS from ticket sales will support the fundraising efforts of the "OneVoice: 2nd Generation" Community Youth Choir, and "2nd Wind Mentoring Project" for their 2016 Educational Excursion entitled, "The Dream: Then & Now!" This trip, planned for August 2016, seeks to unite our youth beyond race for a "common-ground" experience as they explore a vital time in our nation's history, the Civil Rights Movement.  This promises to be a life-changing experience! Support our children as they embark on this life-changing journey! Get your ticket TODAY!   ovlgresurrection.brownpapertickets.com or call (214)412-5557



Submitting All To God

(Romans 8:28)

 A Look Back...2010

Where are they?

What are the "Praise Reports"?

  • A young mother, Tashika Myles (Glendia Wright's Niece) and her 3 yr old son Jonathan Myles Jr. were killed this morning in an single car auto accident.  The 5 yr old daughter was injured, but survived and was the one who left the wreck, all blooded and flagged down a truck driver .  Please pray for the Myles family and all of her family for comfort and for the little girl's healing and comfort..
  • Annette is asking for prayer for her baby sister.  She miscarried her twins and having martial problems.  Annette is trying to give her words of encouragement.  She does not have a church home but she has a counselor that's she's been talking too.  Annette is  worried about her not just her mental state but spiritual also.  Her name is Shakina.
  • Pray for Novia Love who lost a dear friend.  Please keep her in your prayers.
  • Pray for Sarah Lack (former OV member) who lost her husband. 
  • Continue to pray for our members who have health issues.
  • Pray for Dan Loose and ministry Healing Hands, that God will continue to allow doors to open.  He will be working the NBA All Star Kick Off event on 2/12/10.
  • Phyllis...DeVaughn (son-in-law tour of duty in Afghanistan)
  • Trish...2nd Wind Mentoring (need male mentors); Quenton and Theo (sons)
  • Glendia...Aaron (son)
  • PRAISE GOD FOR THE SNOW!!!  Sometime it takes this to force God's children to slow down and relax and rest these bodies.  (SMILE)
  • Clement's daughter Brionna and her dealing with some personal issues that are not Christlike. 
  • Annette's brother, in Baylor hospital with blood clot in leg. 

 Click here to join the discussion and post a REPLY on the OV Discussion Board.


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